2010 MY Soul to Take.  Rogue Pictures. Composer- Marco Beltrami. Singer
2009 Nine: the movie. Relativity Media/Lucamar Productions. Composers- Maury Yeston, Arthur Kopit, Andrea Guerra. Singer
2007 Across the Universe: Revolution Studios. Composer – Elliot Goldenthal. Vocal Contractor & Singer
_____Hot Rod: Composer – Trevor Rabin. Singer
2004 Stepford Wives: Paramount Pictures. Composer – David Arnold. Vocal Contractor & Singer
2000 Passport to the Universe: Museum of Natural History. Composer – Stephen Endelman. Vocal Contractor of
_____Children’s Choir
_____Mission to Mars: Buena Vista. Composer – Ennio Morricone. Vocal Contractor & Choir Conductor- 50 voices
1999 Life: Universal Studios. Composer – Wyclef Jean. Vocal contractor
1998 Practical Magic: Warner Brothers. Composer – Alan Silvestri. Vocal Contractor & Choir Conductor
_____Fallen: Warner Brothers. Composer – Tan Dan. Vocal Contractor
_____Stepmom: Columbia Pictures. Composer – John Williams. Vocal Contractor & Conductor of Children’s Choir
1996 Joe’s Apartment: Geffen/Warner Brothers. Composer – Carter Burwell. Vocal Contractor & Singer
1995 Radioland Murders: Universal. Composer – Joel McNeely. Vocal Contractor & Singer
1994 Michael Collins: Warner Brothers. Composer – Elliot Goldenthal. Vocal Contractor & Choir Conductor
_____Interview with the Vampire: Warner Brothers. Composer – Elliot Goldenthal. Vocal Contractor of Boy’s Choir
_____Mixed Nuts: Tristar Pictures. Composers – George Fenton, Mike Spalla. Vocal Contractor & Choir Conductor
_____Hudsucker Proxy: Warner Bros. Composer – Carter Burwell. Vocal Contractor & Choir Conductor
1988 Biloxi Blues: Rastar. Singer
1985 Chorus Line: Columbia Pictures. Singer
1984 Cotton Club: PSO International. Singer

NATIONAL COMMERCIALS (full list available upon request)

American Dairy Association; American Express; Comcast; Crayola Crayons; Daily News; Fischer Price; Griffin Bacall; Hefty Trash Bags; Mars Bars; Martha Stewart; MCI; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; Volvo

TELEVISION & PRE-RECORDS (full list available upon request)

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; Tony Awards; Grammy Awards; Miss America; PBS Live Performances; Rosie O’Donnell Christmas Special; Garth Brooks Christmas Special; Radio City Christmas and Easter Shows; Live with Regis and Kathy Lee; CBS This Morning; Today Show


You Oughta Be on Broadway (producer, arranger, singer); Run DMC, “Crown Royal” Arista Records (vocal arranger/conductor); Chuck Mangione, “The Feeling’s Back,” Chesky Records (vocal contractor, singer); City of Angels, Original Cast Recording; Rosie O’Donnell Christmas (singer); David Clayton Thomas Christmas (singer); Judy Collins, “Portrait of an American Girl”, Wildflower Records (singer); Konami Games (singer)


City of Angels (Angel City Four)


Our Sinatra